Success Stories

Dental Success Story 3 - Before
Dental Success Story 3 - After
She Wanted a Brighter Smile For Her 40th Birthday

How she felt after the treatment:

  • "I felt like I wanted to smile all the time hahahahha.... I really did not know what to expect, and I was happily surprised by Dr. Kiepas' work. Thank you so much!!
Dental Success Story 2 - Before
Dental Success Story 2 - After
A healthy and happy new smile
  • "My smile hasn't looked this great in many years. My wife said she had a hard time recognising me when I got home that day. Kidding aside, I am very thankful and wish I would've done this treatment sooner.
Dental Success Story 1 - Before
Dental Success Story 1 - After
A brand new smile
  • "I work in sales, so a big part of my job requires that I speak face-to-face with people. I used to be very self-conscious about the appearance of my teeth, but that has completely changed. Now, I feel confident and relaxed whenever making presentations, meeting new clients and smiling."